Hall of Fame Members

Name Sport(s) Year Graduated Year Inducted
Cory Anderson full bio Cory Anderson Basketball 1992 2007
Charles Ash full bio Charles Ash Basketball, Cross Country, Tennis   1992
Harriet Barrett Murray full bio Harriet Barrett Murray Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball 1977 1994
John Barth full bio John Barth Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Track 1963 1990
1981 Baseball full bio 1981 Baseball Baseball N/A 2004
Frank Bellavia full bio Frank Bellavia Lacrosse 1973 2011
Donna Betts full bio Donna Betts Field Hockey, Lacrosse 1982 1997
Frank Bizzarro full bio Frank Bizzarro Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country 1957 1994
Florence Black full bio Florence Black Alumni Award for Contribution   1988
Thomas Blackbird full bio Thomas Blackbird Baseball 1973 2007
Tracy Boudreau Galle full bio Tracy Boudreau Galle Basketball, Soccer, Softball 1990 2001
Sharon Brown full bio Sharon Brown Basketball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Softball 1982 1992
Gerald Burns full bio Gerald Burns Basketball 1986 2000
John Butler full bio John Butler Basketball, Cross Country, Tennis 1983 1997
Charles Cady full bio Charles Cady Lacrosse, Skiing, Soccer 1974 2003
Patricia Candon full bio Patricia Candon Field Hockey, Softball 1976 2007
Michael Canty full bio Michael Canty Cross Country 1973 1991
Jennifer Carlson full bio Jennifer Carlson Soccer, Softball 1993 2006
Laurie Chatey full bio Laurie Chatey Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball 1977 1990
Steveda Chepko full bio Steveda Chepko Alumni Award for Contribution   1999
Rachel Clayton full bio Rachel Clayton Basketball, Soccer, Softball 1985 2001
Sheldon Cosby full bio Sheldon Cosby Basketball 1989 2010
John Cottone full bio John Cottone Lacrosse 1974 1990
Jean Crosby Weidman full bio Jean Crosby Weidman Basketball, Field Hockey, Gymanstics, Lacrosse, Volleyball 1976 1993
Bryan DeLoatch full bio Bryan DeLoatch Baseball, Basketball, Soccer 1985 1996
Art DeLorenzo full bio Art DeLorenzo Soccer 1964 2010
Matthew Dempsey full bio Matthew Dempsey Basketball, Soccer 1984 1997
Bryan Dieter full bio Bryan Dieter Lacrosse, Soccer 1981 1992
Michael Dorion full bio Michael Dorion Baseball 1981 1997
Michelle DuFour full bio Michelle DuFour Basketball 1995 2005
Mary Ellen Evans full bio Mary Ellen Evans Field Hockey, Tennis   1991
Edith Ewald full bio Edith Ewald Alumni Award for Contribution   1988
James Ewald full bio James Ewald Baseball, Basketball, Soccer   1988
Ed Fabian full bio Ed Fabian Baseball, Basketball, Soccer 1961 1997
David Fair full bio David Fair Baseball, Basketball, Soccer 1973 1992
1976 Field Hockey full bio 1976 Field Hockey Field Hockey N/A 2003
Michael Gallagher full bio Michael Gallagher Skiing 1967 1988
Peter Gallagher full bio Peter Gallagher Cross Country   2003
Mark Garrow full bio Mark Garrow Alumni Award for Contribution 1981 2012
Kristine Gay Clark full bio Kristine Gay Clark Basketball, Softball 1984 2002
James Gilbert full bio James Gilbert Skiing   1990
Robert Gregory full bio Robert Gregory Lacrosse, Soccer 1969 1994
Fran Grembowicz full bio Fran Grembowicz Field hockey, Lacrosse, Softball 1978 2010
Tom Haley full bio Tom Haley Alumni Award for Contribution 1973 2004
Tony Higgins full bio Tony Higgins Basketball 1998 2011
Brian Holden full bio Brian Holden Soccer 1993 2005
Dan Holden full bio Dan Holden Soccer 1996 2008
Dan Hudson full bio Dan Hudson Soccer 1965 1998
Brenda Keenan Drake full bio Brenda Keenan Drake Basketball, Lacrosse 1987 2003
Robert Kennedy full bio Robert Kennedy Soccer 1989 2000
Tracy Knights full bio Tracy Knights Basketball, Softball 1989 1999
Robert Knisley full bio Robert Knisley Soccer 1965 1988
Alan Laroche full bio Alan Laroche Basketball 1996 2007
Luke Laroche full bio Luke Laroche Soccer 2004 2015
Angela LeBlanc full bio Angela LeBlanc Field Hockey 1979 2005
Daniel LeBlanc full bio Daniel LeBlanc Baseball 1984 2005
Joel Leichtnam full bio Joel Leichtnam Basketball/Soccer 2005 2016
Shelley Lutz full bio Shelley Lutz Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Skiing, Volleyball 1975 1988
AJ Marro full bio AJ Marro Alumni Award for Contribution 1971 2016
John Mayotte full bio John Mayotte Alumni Award for Contribution 1965 2015
Charles Memoe full bio Charles Memoe Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Track 1963 1988
1985 Men's Basketball full bio 1985 Men's Basketball Basketball N/A 2001
1973 Men's Lacrosse full bio 1973 Men's Lacrosse Men's Lacrosse N/A 2003
1963 Men's Soccer full bio 1963 Men's Soccer Men's Soccer N/A 1988
Robert Mezzetta full bio Robert Mezzetta Soccer 1970 1994
Scott Noble full bio Scott Noble Cross Country, Skiing 1991 2004
John Notte full bio John Notte Baseball 1964 2008
Bill Olney full bio Bill Olney Softball   2008
Don Orvis full bio Don Orvis Baseball, Basketball, Soccer 1962 2009
Leon Orvis full bio Leon Orvis Baseball, Soccer 1965 1991
Beverly Osterberg full bio Beverly Osterberg Basketball, Soccer, Softball 1960 2005
David Perrin full bio David Perrin Basketball 1976 2003
Penny Peters Aceto full bio Penny Peters Aceto Cross Country 1995 2006
Chad Phillips full bio Chad Phillips Baseball 2005 2017
Stanley Pietryka full bio Stanley Pietryka Baseball, Basketball, Soccer 1963 1997
Dennis Preseault full bio Dennis Preseault Baseball 1978 1999
George Price full bio George Price Basketball 1989 2014
Patrick Pullinen full bio Patrick Pullinen Soccer 1976 1997
Richard Renaud full bio Richard Renaud Soccer 1979 1999
Richard Riordan full bio Richard Riordan Baseball, Soccer 1969 2002
Angelo Rosato full bio Angelo Rosato Baseball, Basketball 1976 1991
Robert Rotella full bio Robert Rotella Basketball, Golf, Lacrosse 1971 1994
Geoff Simons full bio Geoff Simons Lacrosse 2000 2012
1986 Softball full bio 1986 Softball Softball N 2000
Brian Stanley full bio Brian Stanley Tennis 1998 2009
Dan Stebbins full bio Dan Stebbins Basketball, Soccer 1971 1996
Scott Sterling full bio Scott Sterling Basketball 1984 1991
Carolyn Stewart full bio Carolyn Stewart Field Hockey, Softball 1986 1998
T. R. Terry full bio T. R. Terry Coach and Athletic Director   1988
James Thieser full bio James Thieser Coach   1993
Aric Thorne-Thomsen full bio Aric Thorne-Thomsen Tennis, Skiing 1994 2010
Anthony Valente full bio Anthony Valente Soccer 1976 1997
Jo Jo Valente full bio Jo Jo Valente Basketball, Softball, Tennis 1987 1997
Stan Van Gundy full bio Stan Van Gundy Basketball   2017
Bonnie Van Lunen full bio Bonnie Van Lunen Alumni Award for Contribution 1990 2014
Robert Van Valkenburgh full bio Robert Van Valkenburgh Baseball 1983 2002
Kristina Viljanen Sabasteanski full bio Kristina Viljanen Sabasteanski Skiing 1991 2002
Dan Violette full bio Dan Violette Baseball 1966 2000
Janna Webb (Walker) full bio Janna Webb (Walker) Basketball 2001 2013
Casey Wedge full bio Casey Wedge Basketball/Lacrosse/Soccer 2006 2016
John Werner full bio John Werner Soccer, Softball   2017
Michael Whiting full bio Michael Whiting Basketball, Lacrosse 1975 1998
Chad Whittemore full bio Chad Whittemore Baseball 2001 2014
Will Wilcox full bio Will Wilcox Soccer, Skiing 1991 2006
Michael Wilhelm full bio Michael Wilhelm Baseball, Soccer 1989 2001
John Witalec full bio John Witalec Alumni Award for Contribution 1964 2013
1997-1998 Women's Basketball Team full bio 1997-1998 Women's Basketball Team Women's Basketball N/A 2012
Kathie Woodward full bio Kathie Woodward Field Hockey, Skiing, Softball 1983 1999
John Young full bio John Young Basketball 1968 1988
Erin Zapata full bio Erin Zapata Soccer 2006 2017