Super Fans, Super People

Super Fans, Super People

They watched as the concrete poured into the construction zone of Spartan Stadium and before Glenbrook Gymnasium and Spartan Arena became a winter safe haven for Castleton fans, they bled green. They will tell you they have seen the Spartans compete everywhere from Maine to Virginia and that for more than three decades their camera has captured Castleton’s progression from less than a dozen teams to now 29 NCAA Varsity programs.

What Rich and Nancy Glasscock won’t tell you is the immense role they have played in what they call a new caliber of student-athletes striving athletically and academically at Castleton. For decades the couple, who are retired military as well as retired Castleton employees, have given the Spartans both their time and financial support.

“I think the world of them” said Castleton’s President Dave Wolk. “I named them ‘Super Fans’ and they’re super people.”

Regardless of the sport, if the Spartans are playing it’s almost guaranteed that Rich and Nancy will be in the stands taking pictures to post to their website for anyone to download for free.

“It seems like we live here. If there’s a home game we’re there,” they said. “If we’re not there we’re sitting on the couch watching at home.”

Today, the pair says they aren’t able to travel as often or as far as they once did for games, so they have decided to use the money they would have for travel in the form of donations to athletics.

“It’s a way to give back. We’re so fortunate,” they said. “Castleton gave us a good life.”

As a result of one of their most recent gifts, the Women’s Softball Team was able to purchase 10 new helmets. Head Coach Eric Ramey said he chose to use the gift to purchase new helmets because they will be used for multiple seasons and in turn benefit more student-athletes. He added that every time a Spartan steps up to the plate for years to come, Rich and Nancy will see their impact.

“Our kids really have an appreciation for them and what they do for our programs,” Ramey said. “They’re a part of the fabric of what we do here.”

According to Ramey, aside from the monetary support, the Glasscocks know the name of every one of his players.

“They really just do it because they care about our kids and our programs,” he said.

For Rich and Nancy, it’s the personal connections that they enjoy the most.

“We get to meet the kids, the coaches, the parents. We now have family and acquaintances all over the country and Canada,” they said.

Graduation may bring an end to a Spartans playing career at Castleton, but it opens up a new door to their relationship with Rich and Nancy, who say they keep up with alumni through social media.

“So many of them are so successful,” they said as they began to rattle off Castleton alumni, where they are on the map, and their current career path.

In his 16 years at Castleton, Wolk said he has witnessed the generosity and compassion of the pair time and time again.

“There’s no doubt they’ve perhaps unwittingly served as surrogate parents for many students over the years,” said Wolk. “Their warmth and support provide a home away from home for our very fortunate students.”