Castleton Women’s Rugby Elevated to Varsity Status

Castleton Women’s Rugby Elevated to Varsity Status

CASTLETON, Vt. – Castleton University Associate Dean of Athletics and Recreation Deanna Tyson is pleased to announce that women's rugby will be a varsity sport beginning in the fall of 2016. 

"I'm excited that we can elevate women's rugby from club to varsity status," said Tyson. "The team has been a part of our campus for decades and has always had a strong core of devoted student-athletes, so I'm happy that we can recognize that effort and provide the same level of support that we do to the rest of our 28 varsity teams." 

The Castleton women's rugby team had just over 20 members this past fall, but the number of participants has jumped to 30 this spring with the recent revelation that it will become a varsity sport. 

"We're all really excited about becoming a varsity sport," said rugby club president Kaitlin Horan. "When Ms. Tyson emailed me about wanting to talk I just assumed it was about helping us figure out scheduling, so we were excited when she told us that we would become a varsity sport." 

The team will have its competitive season in the fall and then in the spring will participate in a number of tournaments against area competition. 

"It will be really great to have a coach and then be on the schedule for everything, just like the other varsity sports," said Horan. "I think we're most excited about the chance to have more opportunities to compete now that we are a varsity team." 

With the move to varsity status, the athletic department will now begin its search for a head coach. The process is expected to be completed before the end of the academic year.